Outdoor & Recreation, Fashion & Apparel


Washington State has an over $8.3 billion fashion and apparel industry
Outdoor Recreation in Washington State accounts for $21.6 billion in consumer spending and $7.1 billion in wages and salaries
Notable apparel companies include Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama, Eddie Bauer, and Luly Yang 1,540 apparel companies and 3,100 self-employed fashion designers provide 34,500 jobs in Washington State
King County’s top Outdoor Recreation companies include REI, Eddie Bauer, and Outdoor Research
The Seattle area is the nation’s largest consumer of sunglasses
While the grunge rock boom made Seattle virtually synonymous with flannel, the region’s fashion industry has stitched together an industry that some studies estimate supports over 45,000 jobs and $13 billion in revenue. And it’s surely noticeable as more and more fashion and apparel startups join the ranks of home-grown notables such as Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, and Tommy Bahama


Fashion seems like a natural extension of the Seattle phenomenon of innovative thinking. And like most other things, we put our own spin on it to set ourselves apart from better-known centers like New York and Paris. As a result, the local market actively supports locally based businesses and takes pride in developing a unique style of our own.


The Seattle/King County region is in a unique position to continue its growth in this cluster. This is partly due to our proximity to and trade partnerships with countries in Asia, enabling easier access to manufacturing facilities. In addition, as a technology hub, King County gives apparel companies close proximity to technology partners that are increasingly key to everything from design and sales to fulfillment.


Outdoor Recreation contributes not only to our region’s incredible quality of life but also to our state’s overall economy. King County’s geography offers a variety of outdoor activities that produce significant economic impact. Across the state, Outdoor Recreation creates 199,000 jobs and $21.6 billion in annual consumer spending. From recreational boating, to hiking, to skiing, the outdoors are as recreational as they are economical.